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You have to possess a little passion to engage in proactive safety programs, but the outcomes are amazing both in bottom line cost saving, and safety culture engagement of the people you employ.

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RML Safety Smart

Introducing Russell Legg Director RML Safety Smart

Russell has spent the last three years as managing director of RML SafetySmart and prior to this 10 years in very challenging health & safety roles within the NZ meat industry. Because of the synergy that this industry bought to the health & safety table in aligning to NZ manufacturing sectors, farming sectors, coupled with those contractors and smaller business associated within these sectors, this has positioned Russell to be able to offer informed accurate advice for engaging health and safety programs for your business whether it be a large or small business.

In previous roles Russell has generated the inception of ground breaking work place injury prevention programs achieving seventy percent reductions in injuries over a five year period, and achieved similar reductions in ACC claim costs. This becomes the thing dreams are made of for the bottom line on any directors end of year budget report.

What makes us so different?

RML SafetySmart offer their service to clients around the North Island of New Zealand.

No matter what your business engages in be it a national company,manufacturing,farm, trucking company,office or small business, Safety Smart can offer clients access to up to date information and guidance when looking at the best possible gains for ACC levy reductions from there business engagement with differing Health & Safety programs and initiatives. The benefits of engaging these programs have many positive influences in other parts of the business as well and Safety Smart can demonstrate this as a whole picture for your business.

Safety Systems Advice

Safety systems vary according to the type of business activity. Safety Smart can advise on the best systems applicable to your business and tailor these to suit your requirements and ensure the systems put in place conform to current legislative requirements.

Safety operating systems are driven by the level of compliance necessary to protect your business and your employee’s from identified hazards. It can also be driven by the propensity for the business to be legislatively compliant as well as be driven by the engagement of your business in ACC levy reduction programs.

Safety Smart can offer comprehensive advice in these area’s helping you weigh up the pro’s and cons.

Risk Management

You have to identify the level of risk applicable to your business from any unsafe non- compliant activity within your business operations.

Safety Smart can audit your business activity and generate an overview of risk exposure for the business. You cannot accurately plan a safe operating engagement strategy without knowing firstly the strengths and weaknesses for safe operating processes that exist within your business.

Employee Hearing Testing & Work place Decibel level testing

Why should I conduct hearing testing for my employees'?

RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart

If you are employing staff in high noise areas and or those staff rely on hearing protection to minimise exposure to the hazard from work place noise, then NZ legislation makes it mandatory for your business to test your employees' hearing status annually.

Safety Smart employs trained technicians using the very latest equipment to provide a competent hearing test service for your business. As a client your business will receive individual test results for each employee tested and as each annual test is completed a picture of each employee’s hearing status is captured and documented.

As well as identifying any existing hearing impairment issues amongst your employees' (the initial base line hearing test) this recorded information gathered also becomes important information for any future ACC claims that an employee might make for hearing loss in years to come.

A business's ability to supply this annual documentation trail may have a direct impact on future ACC levy costs applied by ACC for that business, triggered purely by hearing loss claims of past employee’s.

How do I know when noise levels in areas of my business are too high?

This is easily checked, and Safety Smart Audiometric Technicians can complete decibel level testing in those hazard areas of your work place where your staff may be exposed to noise levels that can induce hearing loss. Your Safety Smart technician will produce a report, inclusive of any recommendations that may be applicable for your business.

Work Place Drug & Alcohol Testing

“Why should I random drug test my employees'?”

RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart

Safety Smart's is looking to the future and has engaged cutting edge drug saliva testing technology, which is extremely accurate and very fast (10 minute test time)

Gone are the days of random urine testing, which is very slow, and can tie up employees' for hours, along with the often huge associated down time costs of equipment and vehicles.

Work place drug and alcohol random testing has become a necessary control measure in all business’s with the ever increasing rise in the prevalence of work place drug and alcohol impairment amongst all employee groups.

Safety Smart are very skilled in the implementation process for random drug testing policies in organisations and businesses.

A well implemented random drug and alcohol testing process for your business or organisation can see a significant drop in the number of serious near miss accidents and actual serious harm accidents along with the horrific associated work place injuries and deaths.

“But I don’t have a problem with drug & alcohol impairment amongst my employees'.”

---Is a common catch phrase from managers and directors---

In fact if you don’t have an issue, your business is a rarity indeed. Where random drug and alcohol testing has been introduced in work places, it has been shown from worldwide statistics that you can count on a positive hit test rate of six to eight percent amongst your employee’s within the first six months of random testing.

New Zealand’s drug impairment problem in work places could arguably be worse than in other countries where those countries enforce random driver road side drug testing. New Zealand of course does not.

Enquire what Safety Smart Drug & Alcohol testing can do for your business.

Safety Program HELP for Your Business

“But I know virtually nothing about work place safety nor how to engage this for my business.”

RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart
RML Safety Smart

If you are struggling with what your business requires for compliance with the recent changes to health & safety legislation in the work place for New Zealand, you most certainly are not alone. Large numbers of New Zealand businesses are struggling with this change and often know very little about the processes involved or, how to engage the changes.

At Safety Smart we offer a personalized service, and we can unravel what you will require for your business and make the transition for you to a compliant and safe business easy to engage as well as easy to understand.

Safety Smart is very skilled in this implementation process and can make the engagement an easy and seamless process for your business.

How do you engage? With small steps, “walk before you run”

How much will it cost?— “not as much as not implementing a safety program for your business”.

You can phone Russell now and be pleased you took that first step. 027 753 5723 24hrs

“I’m a large business but our accidents and injuries amongst our employees' remains higher than I would like it to be.”

There are many and varied reasons for this occurring and the first step is a safety overview of your business from an outside source – “a new set of eyes” along with a gap audit (identifying any shortfalls),and the audit conducted by a Safety Smart independent health & safety consultant.

If you are a national organisation this can be engaged from a selected sample of your overall business, thus making this process significantly more cost effective.

Russell is very experienced in this area and most often a fresh and unbiased look at safety engagement within your organisation turns up some interesting outcomes and positive direction going forward that encompasses people solutions as well as cost effective gains for the business.

We ask the pertinent questions and listen carefully to gauge what your business wants by way of outcome prior to any engagement.

For a personalized service for your business nationwide and an initial consultation
Phone Russell now - 027 753 5723